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NYC | 2019
Puerto Rican Day Parade
The Puerto Rican Day Parade is a celebration of the culture and heritage of the 3.2 million citizens living in Puerto Rico, as well as those residing in the United States. The first parade was held on April 13, 1958 in El Barrio aka Spanish Harlem, however throughout the years the location has changed and it is now held along Fifth Avenue.

This year we caught up with veteran members from the Harlem Platoon of the non-profit organization, The Mission Continues, to learn about the significance of the Puerto Rican Day Parade and diversity within communities all over.
Puerto Ricans In Uniform
Today, there are over 30,000 Puerto Ricans serving on active duty in the U.S. military and over 300,000 Puerto Rican veterans. From fighting alongside American colonists in the Revolutionary War to World War 1 and every war afterward, Puerto Rican service members have been present every step of the way. Having had the opportunity to speak with a few current and former service members, it is clear to us that as much as we appreciate their dedication and service to our country, they also enjoy serving.
Photos: Miles Dixon | travelMil
Diversity is always good for any culture. You always want a little bit of everybody around you, because that's how you learn more about the world.
Miguel Batiz, Mission Continues Volunteer
Asked about the importance of diversity within the community, Miguel Batiz, who volunteers with The Mission Continues says, "Diversity is always good for any culture. You always want a little bit of everybody around you because that's how you learn more about the world." Volunteers who are a part of the Harlem Platoon work within the region to combat social issues such as teen pregnancy, homelessness, and drug abuse that affects a large number of residents, which includes Hispanic Americans.
Photos: Miles Dixon | travelMil
In New York City, Puerto Rican culture is very much a part of every person's story. From the convenience of the bodega on the corner of many neighborhoods to the sounds of reggaeton playing outside, or their influence on local arts and social movements, New Yorkers often come face to face with the Puerto Rican heritage.
And if we are being honest, at some point we have all enjoyed it (if not always!).
Photos: Miles Dixon | travelMil
For a crowd of thousands, The Puerto Rican Day Parade is about more than waving flags and enjoying music. There is an energy and sense of pride so infectious it bounces from one individual to the next. This occasion is about people coming together to acknowledge and honor the remarkable history of Puerto Ricans in the United States. It is also about celebrating the many ways in which they contribute to and brighten the communities that they are a part of. VIVA PUERTO RICO!

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